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Sugar Intake Linked To Gallstone Development

sugar557The gall bladder is the storage organ for bile salts, which are a  cholesterol-based substance that help with the digestion and  absorption of dietary fats. Gallstones are crystals or clumps of  cholesterol that cause pain when the gall bladder contracts in response to food entering the  intestines.

A preliminary study conducted in southern Italy found that people who ate 400 calories or more of refined sugar each day were three times more likely to suffer from gallstones as those who ate no more than 260 calories of sugar. Those who consumed at least 600 calories from sugar were six times more likely to develop gallstones.

Refined sugars are contained in foods such as cakes, cookies, soft drinks and table sugar. A 12-ounce can of soda contains 152 calories (all from sugar).



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