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Shrinking Fibroids Tumors Naturally -Testimony

Shrinking Fibroids Naturally with Dr Akilah ElWritten September 12, 2010

About three years ago I passed out at work and was rushed to the hospital. At that time I was on my menstrual period and had very heavy bleeding. My periods were very heavy for the first three to four days and I would have to wear both pads and tampons at the same time. The bleeding was so bad that I had to change both of them every 2 hours. I normally stay at home on the first three days of my period but on this particular day I needed to be at the office to sign some very important paperwork. About thirty minutes before leaving for the day I fainted. My co-workers panicked and called the ambulance where I was rushed to the hospital. While there the doctor told me that I lost a lot of blood and he wanted to give me a blood transfusion. I declined that treatment. I didn’t do it for religious purposes because I am a saved Christian ,but I declined the blood transfusion because I didn’t need it. I learned from my father to never accept a blood transfusion unless I was dying from a knife or gunshot wound which resulted in losing a lot of blood. In this case, I wasn’t dying, I was just anemic from having heavy menstrual periods. The doctor was angry with my decision but he didn’t force the issue and I was sent home later that night with a bottle of iron pills.

The reason my periods were so heavy at that time was because of three fibroids I had in my uterus. I first found out about them back in 2003 and in 2005 I had them removed with myomectomy surgery. Two years later they came back even bigger. My doctor wanted to schedule another myomectomy  but if it didn’t work the first time why would go under the knife again for a second time? So I decided to just deal with the pain and heavy bleeding and search for a natural way to get rid of them FOR GOOD!

Searching for natural ways to get rid of my fibroids was not easy. A lot of website where selling books or you had to sign up for a retreat. I saw several advertisement for an herbal supplement that was created to shrink fibroids. They had a lot of testimonies about how good these herbs were and how it helped women with fibroids. I was a little skeptical because those herbs were very pricey but I was desperate to get rid of the fibroids so I ordered the 3 months supply which consist of 3 bottles at $137 plus shipping. I took them all as instructed and after three months I was still having heavy painful bleeding with lots of clots. I noticed that the soreness in my breast was gone, but after getting another ultrasound from my OB/GYN I was told that my fibroids were still there. I was so discouraged that I scheduled an appointment with my original doctor to discuss other possibilities for removing the fibroids. I was scheduled to see him a month later.

One week before my appointment with my medical doctor I was referred by my sister-inlaw to see Dr Akilah El in Atlanta, Georgia. She had fibroids and Dr Akilah helped her shrink them completely away. I got the number and gave her a call that day but she was busy with a patient so I left my name and number with her secretary. Later that night I did some research on Dr Akilah via the internet and I was shocked to see so many videos, interviews, testimonies and good reviews about her work. I was so impressed with what I read that I begin to get anxious to hear back from her. Two days later Dr Akilah called me back and I was so excited to finally hear from her. Talking to her was easy because she was so down to earth. Dr Akilah was very informative and she patiently answered all my questions in addition to educating me on health issues I didn’t know about. Something in my spirit felt right about Dr Akilah and I immediately scheduled an appointment with her for the following week. 

Meeting Dr Akilah in person was a very rewarding experience. I never spent that much time with a doctor before. I knew she was not a medical doctor because she wore normal clothes and she insist that everyone call her Dr Akilah and not Dr El. I brought my ultrasound report with me to the consultation and Dr Akilah patiently explained everything to me. She told me how I got fibroids in the beginning, why they came back after the myomectomy surgery and what I was doing to make them grow. Towards the end of the consultation Dr Akilah created a program for shrinking my fibroids. This program was written for my personal health position. On my program was a list of herbs to take, along with a new food plan and emotional exercises for the stress (and past family problems) I was experiencing at the time.  


After being on her program for a month my period was heavy but not heavy as before (I only used pads during my heavy cycle without the tampons). Usually my periods would last 8 days, with 3 – 4 days being very very heavy. I would also spot a lot in between my periods but the spotting stopped, with 2 days of heavy bleeding and my cycle lasting for only 6 days. Once this happened I cancelled my appointment with my Gynecologist and stayed loyal to my program written by Dr Akilah. After having two follow-up visits with Dr Akilah  she told me to contact my OB/GYN and schedule another ultrasound. By this time my periods were 4 days long. The first day was somewhat heavy. The second day was medium followed by the last two days were very light.

The Final Results – When I first came to Dr Akilah I had 3 fibroids. One was growing inside my uterus and the other two were inside the walls of my uterus. The largest fibroid was the size of a grapefruit. When I got my results back, the ultrasound reported that I only had one fibroid inside the wall of my uterus and that it was the size of a golf ball*.  So two fibroids completely dissolved away and the largest one was the size of a golf ball* instead of a grapefruit. This was during the fall of 2009. Since I wasn’t having any problems with my periods and 2 out of the 3 fibroids were gone, I decided to just continue with my last revised program and go on with my life.

Two months ago, I had another ultrasound with a new doctor and to my surprise (and hers) my fibroids were gone. My doctor kept going over and over the ultrasound report to make sure she was reading it correctly. She couldn’t believe that all of my fibroids were gone without surgery or medication. My uterus was back to it’s normal size and my periods are now 3 days long. She asked me what I  did to make them go away and I told her “I did what I should have done back in 2003. I got help from someone who knew what she was doing.”

There is not enough words to explain the gratitude and appreciation I have for Dr Akilah. I wish I knew about her when I first had fibroids but as she would say “Things happen for a reason”.

Hear me ladies and hear me well! Before you spend a lot of money on herbs claiming to shrink your fibroids go to Dr Akilah FIRST! Now that I’ve been through the entire process I see how those herbs I brought from that company overseas didn’t work. Ladies, I am here to tell you that Dr Akilah is very good at what she does and I highly recommend her. You have no idea how it feels to have my body back. I am so happy to go to work during my periods without the worry of soiling my clothes! All of this couldn’t have been done without the help of Dr Akilah. I am proud to be one of her many written testimonies.

I have given Dr Akilah permission to post this written testimony on her website. I also would like to invite anyone who wish to ask me questions about my experience to contact me by email. I am also open to phone calls if you are local.  Frankly, it would be my pleasure to share my experience dissolving my fibroids completely through Dr Akilah’s program.

M. Kimbal – Norcross  GA


*Dr Akilah Notes – A golf ball size fibroid is 4 cm.



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Natural Fibroid Shrinking Testimony


M. McKenzie – Naturally Shrinked Fibroids



“Dear Dr Akilah,

You are a Godsend! I can not believe that I suffered all these years with a uterus full of fibroids and two ovarian cysts. Every year my periods would get heavier and heavier and all the doctors would do is monitor it, prescribe me countless birth control pills and pain medication. The final straw was when my doctor referred me to an OBYN surgeon who insist on giving me a hysterectomy! That’s when I had enough and decided to put it in the Lord’s hand. The next day my cousin Linda Mae told me about you and how you helped her get pregnant in 6 months after her private Physican failed after 5 years. As you know from our first conversation on the phone I was a bit skeptical but I was so desperate that I was willing to try anything.

A couple of weeks after our first consultation I noticed a big change in my periods. I wasn’t bleeding heavy and my cramps were not painful. I also noticed that the bloating in the bottom of my stomach went down tremendously. After our second phone consultation my periods went from 9 days to 4. Hallelujah! You also recommended that I get another ultrasound to determine how much my fibroids shrink. You have no idea how overjoyed I was when I got the results saying that my fibroids went from 12cm to 4cm and the two cyst that were located on my ovaries are gone!!!!!! After our third phone consultation you gave me the final program that would finish the rest of those fibroids off. That was three months ago. I just got back from the doctor and rushed to my computer because I had to send you this email! Dr Akilah I am typing this letter to you with tears in my eyes. They are not tears of sadness but tears of joy! I just had a meeting with my doctor and the ultrasound showed a healthy normal uterus that was fibroid free!

I am one of the many, perhaps thousands of women you helped keep their uterus. Bless you Dr Akilah and I give thanks to the Lord our Father everyday for bringing you into my life. You are truly an angel sent here to help us! Thank you for everything you’ve done and may God continue to bless you with the wonderful knowledge and usage of his herbs.

sincerely yours,

M. McKenzie– Great Falls, MT”


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