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Meditation Is Effective at Relieving Pain


Study: Even a Cram Course in Meditation Helps Reduce Pain

Meditation might beat morphine as a painkiller, new research suggests.

In a small study, healthy medical students attended four 20-minute sessions to train them in “mindfulness meditation,” based on techniques such as focusing on breathing and banishing of distracting thoughts. Before and after the training, participants underwent brain scans with a pad heated to a painful 120 degrees attached to the back of their leg. They reported a 40 percent decrease in pain intensity and a 57 percent reduction in pain unpleasantness following their training. Morphine and similar drugs typically reduce pain by about 25 percent. Meditation reduced activity in key pain-processing regions of the brain, according to findings published Wednesday in the Journal of Neuroscience. “We found a big effect,” study author Fadel Zeidan, a research fellow at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, said in a press statement. “This study shows that meditation produces real effects in the brain and can provide an effective way for people to substantially reduce their pain without medications.”

Want to Be Happier? Keep Your Focus

Nearly half the time we’re awake, our thoughts drift to topics unrelated to whatever we’re doing, U.S. News reports. We think about a fight with our spouse when we’re driving, or replay events from a friend’s wild party while brushing our teeth in the morning. We text incessantly while watching TV, and phone mom during laundry-folding time. And while our minds wander—even when we’re having pleasant daydreams—we’re not very happy, according to a study published last year in the journal Science. “How often peoples’ minds wander is definitely a big predictor of who’s happy and who’s not happy,” says study author Matthew Killingsworth, a doctoral candidate in psychology at Harvard University, because the more often they take themselves out of the present moment, the less happy they are.

The study found that happiness falls when folks aren’t focused on the task at hand, even an unenjoyable one, like doing errands. The researchers used a novel approach to get real-time snapshots of what the 2,250 study participants were thinking and how they felt throughout the day. They developed a free iPhone app that buzzed volunteers, whose average age was 34, several times a day asking them how they were feeling right before they were contacted, what they were doing and whether they were thinking about something other than what they were doing. Except during sex, participants recorded their minds wandering during every activity; most frequently, minds drifted off during personal grooming like taking a shower, shaving, and putting on makeup.

Can Mindful Eating Help You Lose Weight?

If you’re anything like the average American, your meals are rarely a contemplative experience. But being more mindful about your eating—in other words, paying close attention to what you are putting in your mouth and how it makes you feel—may be a method that can help with weight loss, U.S. News reports.

Mindfulness wasn’t developed in a psych lab but instead traces its origins to Buddhism. In the medical and behavioral realm, it’s been looked at as a way to promote better health in general, lower stress, decrease anxiety, and alter unwanted behaviors, like drinking too much—or overeating. Brian Shelley, wellness director for First Choice Community Healthcare in Albuquerque, N.M., noticed its potential application to eating behaviors while teaching workshops on mindfulness as a stress reduction technique. When it came time for a midday break, “people had a mindful lunch in silence for an hour. They enjoyed the food, didn’t overeat, didn’t rush, and were very aware and meditative when they sat down to start the meal.” 


The Top Six Calorie Burning Workouts for Women

Kick Boxing to Burn CaloriesWhile there is no secret formula for losing weight (It all comes down to simple math: You must burn more calories than you consume), there are smarter, faster ways to achieve your goals. The following  six workouts are proven to be the most heart-pumping, sweat-producing, and consequently most efficient calorie-burning and weight-loss-inducing exercises out there. Do one, or a combination of many, regularly, and watch the weight fall off.

1.    Kickboxing: 800 calories per hour
Kickboxing offers a great full-body workout because it requires you to use every major muscle group and includes interval training. Your heart rate will soar and stabilize several times throughout the class, which is optimal for weight loss. 24 Hour Fitness clubs report that attendees of their Turbo Kick classes can burn up to 800 calories in one hour-long class.

2.    Biking: 700 calories per hour
You can burn up to 700 calories at your average cycling class or take to the road on your own to enjoy fresh air to boot! Just make sure you keep a pace of about 14 to 16 miles per hour to reach the 700-calorie goal.

3.    Zumba: 500 or more calories per hour
Who knew an hour of dancing could produce such results?! Because thisDr Akilah Calorie Burning Tips Latin-inspired dance workout uses the principles of interval training and resistance exercise, the workout will boost your metabolism considerably, according to FitnessZumba.com.  However, like any fitness regimen, the number of calories burned varies from person to person depending on weight, sex, current fitness level, and how a hard a person works out. Still the massive weight loss and toning benefits of hip-swishing and shimmying make this dance workout one of the most popular today.

4.    Jumping Rope: 780 calories per hour
Only got ten minutes? You can still squeeze in cardio with this highly effective activity, which can have you burning 130 calories every ten minutes (or 780 calories per hour). According to MedicineNet.com, you’d have to run an eight-minute mile to burn as many calories as jumping rope for the same amount of time, making it a good choice for someone who is starting a fitness regime and may not have the endurance to maintain a fast running speed for an extended period of time. If you have limited space and time, jumping rope is the most efficient way to see results. In addition, the high-impact nature of this workout means you’ll add bone mass, increasing your bone health, according to 24 Hour Fitness Club’s Website and BoneHealth.com, while you lose fat.

 5.    Aerobic Step Classes: 600 calories per hour
Aerobic step classes are high-intensity and high-impact, meaning you’ll Running To Burn Caloriesburn fat and calories. The number of calories burned depends on how high the step is, but using just a six-inch platform can allow you to burn up to 600 calories in one hour-long class.

6. Running: 650 calories per hour
According to WebMD’s calorie calculator, a 145-pound person who maintains a 10-minute mile for one hour can burn up to 650 calories. However, running consistently for an hour can be challenging if it isn’t a part of your current exercise regimen. You can work up to this goal and increase your cardiovascular fitness by adding walking intervals throughout your workout. For instance, run for three minutes and then walk briskly for one minute. This practice will increase your endurance, lower your heart-rate recovery time, and burn fat.

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Eating Habits that Prevent Weight Loss

  Bad Eating Habits for Kids

All of us grew up with bad eating habits!!!  Without doubt, these habits contribute to some of our problems in keeping weight off and, in fact, contribute to adding weight!!   A weight loss program or diet has to counteract these ingrained habits!!  Not all of us have them, but I for one do!!   These are age old habits passed on by our parents and on the surface seem like something we should do!! 

We start as a kid as our parents pushed us to eat everything on our plate, probably contributed to the fact that a lot of us are very fast eaters and don’t chew our food properly and generally, a meal is an event that should be done with as soon as possible as we all have things to do but it’s so important that we eat together!!  I do believe that!!      
 Eating too Fast - Celestial Healing WellnessOne of the first things to do is actively slow down your pace!!   There is a well known fact that your brain needs a certain amount of time to send the message that you’ve had enough!!   Very true but if you eat fast you go past that point and over eat!!   A few tips!  Stop between fork fulls and look around!!  Think of something to say!!  Take a breath and observe your surroundings!!  Set a new pace!!  Count the number of times you chew your food which will slow you down!! 
Don’t be distracted when you eat!!  Concentrate on the eating!!   If you’re distracted you eat more!! All there is to it so don’t multi-task while you eat!!   Always, give yourself a portion so that it doesn’t matter how much you’re distracted!!  You’re only going to eat that amount!!  Don’t get more!!
Try to avoid eating when you’re bored or stressed!!  Both these states contribute to us eating a greater volume of food!!   They increase your craving for good reason caused by chemical adjustments in your body!!   Come up with ways to distract yourself during these times!!  Drink water or chew diet gum!!  Something that will deceive you into thinking your feeding yourself!!  Play mind games to overcome the cravings!!
Don’t finish everything on your plate!!  We’ve all had to do this but it’s difficult not to do especially if the food’s delicious!!  This is what we were taught to do by our parents so it’s a habit that’s tough to break!!   We have a tendency to eat everything even when it’s bad food!!  Habits!! They die hard!!    One way is to reduce your portion size and then you can eat everything on your plate!!  Another is to force yourself to leave food on your plate!!  I know this goes against everything you have been taught but try it!!  Not so easy!!
Don’t necessarily plan your meal around the meat serving!!  This has been the way for so long!!  Plan your meal around the vegetables or salad and think of the meat as an extra!!  This will tend to reduce the quantity of meat that’s served and in the long run will be very beneficial!!  When you think of other components of the meal as the main course you give them more respect!!  BBQ vegetable, special sauces on your vegetables (healthy sauces), you get the drill!!
Break some of these habits and you’ll be surprised how the pounds will come off!!  Combine this with an exercise program that you can repeat and you’re on your way to being a lighter version of you!!   Diet programs work but this will help if you’re looking for a moderated tuneup!!
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