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Men Health – Holistic Remedies For Healthy Prostate

Prostate Health for Men

The prostate is a male gland about the size of a walnut that is located just above the bladder. The gland produces seminal fluid and surrounds the male urethra, through which urine is secreted. An inflamed or swollen prostate can hamper attempts to urinate as well as cause sexual dysfunction. Natural remedies may help reduce symptoms of inflamed prostate and provide preventive care for optimal health and function of the prostate.


1.  Eat plenty of foods that contain powerful antioxidants such as tomatoes, watermelon and pink grapefruit. Antioxidants are effective in protecting the prostate against damage caused by free radicals, which cause cell destruction. The Department of Human Nutrition at the University of Illinois has researched lycopene, an antioxidant component of fruits and vegetables with red colors, and found evidence of reduced prostate inflammation, reduced size of prostate tumors and even some anti-cancer properties. Also eat plenty of fruits, as they contain fructose, which, according to the Department of Medicine of Harvard Medical School, promotes and stimulates vitamin D production in the body, which in turn slows and inhibits tumor growth.

Saw Palmetto

2.  Take saw palmetto supplements to treat a variety of prostate disorders. Saw palmetto comes from a berry native to the southeastern U.S. Native Americans have traditionally used this herb for a variety of medical conditions. Saw palmetto may produce results in prostate enlargement in about four to six weeks. Follow instructions on packages or bottles of sawNatural Cures for Prostate Cancer palmetto regarding dosage, which depends on the strength of the capsules you purchase. Cell Biology International in 2001 published results of a study by researchers at Boston BioProducts that found saw palmetto to inhibit cell growth of prostatic cancer cells in lab tests. More research will determine whether the effect works in human trials.


3.  Take pygeum for relief of prostate disorders that cause swelling or inflammation. Pygeum comes from a tree bark native to Africa and is used to treat prostate enlargement because certain chemicals found in it inhibit DHT, a derivative of testosterone that promotes cell growth and enlargement of glands. Recommended doses of pygeum are approximately 50 to 100 milligrams taken twice a day for six to nine months for optimal prostate health and wellness. Writing in the May 15, 2008, issue of American Family Physician, Dr. Jonathan L. Edwards says that limited evidence suggests pygeum relieves symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Take pygeum as your health care practioner recommends

If you have been diagnosed with enlarged prostate or prostate cancer and want to cure it naturally please contact Dr Akilah El for a consultation. She has helped men all around the world regain their healthy prostate back. If you have any questions related to prostate health please feel free to call our office at 770-603-0141

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