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Eating Habits that Prevent Weight Loss

  Bad Eating Habits for Kids

All of us grew up with bad eating habits!!!  Without doubt, these habits contribute to some of our problems in keeping weight off and, in fact, contribute to adding weight!!   A weight loss program or diet has to counteract these ingrained habits!!  Not all of us have them, but I for one do!!   These are age old habits passed on by our parents and on the surface seem like something we should do!! 

We start as a kid as our parents pushed us to eat everything on our plate, probably contributed to the fact that a lot of us are very fast eaters and don’t chew our food properly and generally, a meal is an event that should be done with as soon as possible as we all have things to do but it’s so important that we eat together!!  I do believe that!!      
 Eating too Fast - Celestial Healing WellnessOne of the first things to do is actively slow down your pace!!   There is a well known fact that your brain needs a certain amount of time to send the message that you’ve had enough!!   Very true but if you eat fast you go past that point and over eat!!   A few tips!  Stop between fork fulls and look around!!  Think of something to say!!  Take a breath and observe your surroundings!!  Set a new pace!!  Count the number of times you chew your food which will slow you down!! 
Don’t be distracted when you eat!!  Concentrate on the eating!!   If you’re distracted you eat more!! All there is to it so don’t multi-task while you eat!!   Always, give yourself a portion so that it doesn’t matter how much you’re distracted!!  You’re only going to eat that amount!!  Don’t get more!!
Try to avoid eating when you’re bored or stressed!!  Both these states contribute to us eating a greater volume of food!!   They increase your craving for good reason caused by chemical adjustments in your body!!   Come up with ways to distract yourself during these times!!  Drink water or chew diet gum!!  Something that will deceive you into thinking your feeding yourself!!  Play mind games to overcome the cravings!!
Don’t finish everything on your plate!!  We’ve all had to do this but it’s difficult not to do especially if the food’s delicious!!  This is what we were taught to do by our parents so it’s a habit that’s tough to break!!   We have a tendency to eat everything even when it’s bad food!!  Habits!! They die hard!!    One way is to reduce your portion size and then you can eat everything on your plate!!  Another is to force yourself to leave food on your plate!!  I know this goes against everything you have been taught but try it!!  Not so easy!!
Don’t necessarily plan your meal around the meat serving!!  This has been the way for so long!!  Plan your meal around the vegetables or salad and think of the meat as an extra!!  This will tend to reduce the quantity of meat that’s served and in the long run will be very beneficial!!  When you think of other components of the meal as the main course you give them more respect!!  BBQ vegetable, special sauces on your vegetables (healthy sauces), you get the drill!!
Break some of these habits and you’ll be surprised how the pounds will come off!!  Combine this with an exercise program that you can repeat and you’re on your way to being a lighter version of you!!   Diet programs work but this will help if you’re looking for a moderated tuneup!!
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