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Still in the ZONE!!!

Today I worked on back and shoulders and it feels so good to be back into the zone. So today makes it two weeks that I’ve been consistent with my exercise routine. I always said that once I stay dedicated to something for more than seven days………it’s set in stone.

I’m still playing around with my meals. I’m trying new recipes and calculating the nutritional benefits. When I bring all of this to my new youtube channel I know that the number one questions will be “how did you get your protein?”. So I better get a list of foods together for that madness.


You wanna know what I’ve learned? When you eat as much raw fruit as you want in the morning, you have no craving for simply carbs for the rest of the day. One of my friends came over to visit me this past Monday and brought over her famous apple strudel. She didn’t know that I recently made a lifestyle transition into veganism. But like many of my friends here she insist that I have a bite. Normally I would fall for that but when I looked at that desert I honestly had no desire to even taste it. AMAZING!!!!!!

So she left it here for me and it’s been sitting in fridge since. So I took it out and gave it to the old man next door. He was sooooooooooo happy to receive such a gift. I guess I’m on his favorite list for this week. HA!

Ok, gotta go run some errands. Next week I’m going to start logging in my lifting stats. It’s time to start documenting my progress with weights.



Week Six – New Stats

Here are my stats. I’m going to upload the ones from last week and today. I already recorded my weigh-in on video early this morning. Tomorrow I will video my verbal update on what I did.
Last week stats –

April 1, 2012

Height – 6’2″

  • Weight – 199lbs
  • Waist (navel) – 36 in
  • Waist (below) – 38.5 in
  • Hips – 45 in
  • Right Leg Upper – 25.5 in
  • Right Leg Mid – 23 in
  • Left Leg Upper – 25 in
  • Left Leg Mid – 23

April 8, 2012

All measurements are in inches.

  • Weight – 190 lbs
  • Waist (navel) – 34.5
  • Waist (below) 37
  • Hips 43.5
  • Right Leg Upper – 25
  • Right Leg Mid – 22
  • Left Leg Upper – 24.5
  • Left Leg  Med 22.5

Pounds lost since last week – 9lb

  • Inches lost in Waist – 1.5
  • Inches lost  in waist below – 1.5
  • inches lost in hips – 1.5
  • inches lost in right leg upper – .5
  • inches lost in right leg mid – 1
  • inches lost in Left Leg Upper – 1.5
  • inches lost in Left Leg Mid – .5

So it looks like what I’m doing is working and then some. I’m going to continue this path. I’m in the zone!!!! Today I did weight training on my legs. I am happy to be able to fit my weight belt again. WHOO HOO!!!! I know that may not seem like a big deal to many people but to me it means the world. Now that I can wear my weight belt again I was able to lift very heavy weights without causing injury to my back. It felt so good to lift heavy again. Ahhhhhh!

I’m in the zone. My workouts are a part of my lifestyle again and I feel the sense of selfishness taking over. No one and nothing will stop me from achieving this goal. I want it bad and I’m going to get it.


Using Herbology for My Greater Good


Two days ago I started to experiment with some herbal combination to help with my new bodybuilding goal. The first time I took my herbal combo my workout was amazing! Yesterday, my stamina and strength was through the roof but today was unbelievable! This morning I was working on my back and shoulders and I couldn’t believe how much weight I was pulling and lifting (stats coming soon). This creation of mine is mind-blowing. I’m going to keep this going for the rest of the month. I go back to Atlanta the 26th so I’m going to keep this new concoction of mine going while here. Unfortunately, I can’t use it while in America because one of the three herbs that I have in these capsules is illegal in the States.  It’s legal all over the world except in America (thanks to big pharma). So while I’m here in Germany I am taking advantage of using this herb legally to accomplish my goals even faster. I’ll let you all know how it works. So far it’s working better than I expected. WOW!!!!!

Today marks 1 week since my shocking 201 lb weigh in. I’m still living with my vegan cyclist friend and my fiancee’ is still pissed about that. Staying here has really kept me focused. I am disciplined here and there is nothing around her apartment to tempt me to cheat on my diet. She really motivates me and I enjoy our conversations about raw foods, mental empowerment and muscle building as a vegan. It’s like being home in Atlanta. Tomorrow we are having a “pot luck” dinner with some other vegan and vegetarian friends. I invited my fiancee’ but he’s not interested in joining us. He calls us “Eaters of rabbit food”. Hmmmm? Sounds like someone is going to get very angry when they find out that this “eater of rabbit food” is not coming over to spend the weekend with him. HA!



So Sunday I did legs and yesterday I worked on my back and shoulders. Today I did arms and abs.  I can’t fit my weight belt anymore and I refuse to buy a new (bigger) one. I am fully aware that this weight is temporary. I did the same thing with jeans this past winter. I couldn’t fit them anymore so I just put them in a box and walked around in dresses. That may not sound like a big deal but I am not a “girly” type of woman so putting on a dress five days a week was such a headache.

My arms are still sore from last Friday and I worked through the soreness today. OUCH!!!! I was only curling 20lb dumbbells. What a joke. Two years ago I was curling 40 & 45 pound dumbbells and now I’m struggling with 20’s. Pfft! That’s what happens when you stop working out for a year. Next week I’m going to start logging in my lifting stats. A week after that I’m going to log my eating regimen. I have a lot of women (and a few men) who will be very interested in how I started this process. This is why I decided to document it in my blog now and show the progress pictures and videos later.

Ok, enough blah blah blah from me today. Time to feed my body the nutrients I used in the gym this morning. Man, I can’t wait to get my muscles back. My body feels like it has been hit by a MAC Truck but it’s worth it.


Dr Akilah’s Training Entry Starts TODAY!

**NOTE** – Now that I have embraced the vegan lifestyle again along with getting back into natural bodybuilding, I decided to blog about my experience every now and then. Please be advised that my blogs entries will not be frequent. I’m too busy to do this everyday. However, I will find the time to note as much as I can during this interesting journey.

 Right now it’s 6:38 AM here in Munich and I’m still suffering from jetlag. It’s not as bad as it use to be so I think it should be over by Tomorrow.

 After gaining 9 pounds since being here I got angry with myself and started to take some serious actions. I arrived here weighing 191 pounds and on Thursday my scale displayed 201 pounds. WTF????? I’ve been here for a freakin week and I gained NINE POUNDS?????

 Sure, I can blame my friends for insisting that I celebrate with them by drinking wine, eating a lot of oily pasta dishes from my favorite authentic Italian restaurants. I could also blame my fiancé for giving me a big box of assorted dark chocolates and leaving tempting treats around the house. Yeah, I could blame them for my weight game but why would I do that? They are not the reason why I gained nine pounds back. I AM THE REASON WHY I GAINED NINE POUNDS BACK.

 I fell off the wagon and now I’m getting back on. I’m angry with myself and when I am angry things start happening. I need to put myself in a situation where I can maintain my discipline. I need to separate myself from temptation and create a game plan. Here is what I’ve come up with so far.



  • Move out of my fiance’s house and live with a friend who is a vegan cyclist
  • Avoid all social events until I am within my normal weight range
  • Avoid and/or lie to my friends here in Germany when it comes to socializing.
  • Write out an exercise routine.
  • Write out a new eating regimen (I will also add herbal regimen to this list)
  • Surround myself with other people with similar goals. Watch fitness videos online and listen to motivational music.


I started my new eating plan this past Thursday and I hit the weights on Friday. I weighed myself this morning and I’m 199 lbs. I recorded this on my camcorder. A lot of people are angry with me right now but that’s ok. I have to teach them how serious I am about reaching my fitness goals. If they can’t support me the way I need them to support me then I will have to eliminate them from my life. It’s time to get selfish…………..again!



Operation Fit Chick is now under way!