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12 Tips Every Gardener Should Know


We all love to have beautiful plants in our house. But it is not a childs play to maintain a garden, proper and regular care needs to be done in order to let the garden grow and flourish. Regular cutting, watering and pest control is required for a healthy garden. Following are some tips that should kept in mind in order to make your garden beautiful.

Here Are The 12 Tips Every Gardener Should Know:

1. Avoid Big Tress Near House

Make sure you never plant trees that grow too big in your house or close to it. Roots of the trees may grow into your house and damage it.

2. Plan Ahead

Different plants require different weather conditions. Some have to be planted an year earlier or so to flower later on.

3. Research

Research a lot. when you plan to use a plant in your garden, research about it thoroughly. Know about the amount of sunlight and water it requires.

4. Regular Check

Check your plants for pest once every week, so you can get rid of any insects that might spoil your plants.

5. Protect Hands

Wear rubber gloves if you do not want to get your nails dirty while doing garden work.

6. Fertilization

Do not put fertilizer after watering the plant as this may burn it. Always fertilize in dry soil. Also be careful with the fertilizer quantity as too much can burn the plant and less will have very little effect on the plant’s growth and health.

7. Air The Plants

Plow the soil in the pots and containers once a week to provide plants with air. Water the plants next day.

8. Cuttings

Some plants are very easy to grow through cutting, growing them through seeds can be a waste of time and energy. Some plants that can grow through cuttings are rose, bougainvillea, mint.

9. Clean Pots

If your clay pots become dirty, use pot paint available in the market. This will make them look brand new.

10. Toxic Plants

Some plants are toxic and may harm if comes in contact. Keep these plants away from children and pets if you want to use them in your garden.

11. Transplanting

If a pot plant grows too big, prefer to use cement pots instead of clay pot, as the roots might break through the clay pot.

12. Isolate Infected Plant

If a plant gets infected, isolated it from other plants and then treat it if possible.
Follow these tips and never shy away from trying new things in your garden. Do what you like and keep on experimenting and changing your garden decor. Use different styles for plants hanging baskets, creepers, pots. Use lot of seasonal plants, flowers. You can even try growing a herb or vegetable garden. Have fun gardening.



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