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Feeling Down? 6 Bits of Advice for Getting Out of a Funk

By Katie Kubiak

Life throws curve-balls. Whether you’re going through a recent break-up, like so many of my friends right now (for some reason, love isn’t in the air), a fruitless job search or general family stress (who doesn’t have this?!), we’ve all been there, and we’ve all dealt with friends or loved ones going through these things. We seek advice from others to help us stay healthy, look good and have fun; But I think when it comes down to it, it’s really about finding what works for you.

People say “It’s the little things in life,” and I couldn’t agree more. These are 6 bits of advice that I have found helpful when I’m feeling down:

1. Drink more water
Aside from the obvious perks of more energy, fewer headaches and an all-around awesome feeling, drinking more water can also do wonders for your skin. Dull and acne-prone skin usually improve quite a bit when you are properly hydrated. It is undoubtedly the most important beauty step. One of many budget-friendly skin tips for the frugal beauty enthusiast. When you feel healthy, you look healthy.

2. Stepping outside of your comfort-zone can be really fun
Sometimes the best moments are the ones that you make happen. You can only experience things if you are willing to take a risk for time to time. Do something out of the ordinary. If you go watch your friends do karaoke every weekend, but you are too afraid to participate… Just do it! You won’t regret it. You’ll love it if you follow the right karaoke advice!

3. Treat yourself
It’s pretty difficult to not feel stressed out, at least sometimes. One way to cut back on stress is to treat yourself every now and then. Buy yourself something delicious or fancy, you deserve it.

4. Try a new look
I’m not talking about anything major, just little things. Try a new hairstyle or makeup trick. Sometimes a little change can make a big difference.

5. Have a daily affirmation
I know it sounds corny, but I actually find it really helpful to have a daily affirmation. Something I can say to myself when I’m feeling down… because sometimes, the only person who can bring you back up is you. I have a few that help me.

6. Find ways to make your workspace fun
Even if that means you have to buy cute little USB hubs that you love for no reason. Make your work space your own. When you feel comfortable, it’s much easier to be productive and you’ll also feel a little less stressed. There a lot of ways to organize your workspace and make it fun.




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One response to “Feeling Down? 6 Bits of Advice for Getting Out of a Funk

  1. virtuous and beautiful October 6, 2012 at 12:31 am

    I like the trying new looks idea! I love to add different looks of makeup everyday to make my days more interesting.

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