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The Importance of Breakfast

By Timothy Reddy

Numerous studies emphasize the importance of breakfast.

The concept is promptly confirmed by doctors and media reports; there is serious diet that does not provide one. Nevertheless, data in hand, a good percentage of Italians do not skip this important meal. Another good percentage, while making breakfast regularly, relies on incorrect dietary choices.

Why is breakfast so important?

The concept is simple: those who do not have breakfast in the morning are brought to eat more during the day, with the risk of exceeding their daily calorie intake and getting fat.

A nutritious breakfast will get you started each day with vitality without getting tired and hungry at lunchtime. And ‘scientifically demonstrated that people who skip this important event with health has more difficulty concentrating during the morning. Not only that, the next binge at lunch, also negatively affects the performance in the afternoon due to excessive overhang insulin and digestive big commitment.

A nutritious breakfast helps to awaken and to accelerate the metabolism of the body, giving that extra burst of energy needed to face the day with the right spirit.

If you’re in a hurry in the morning and do not have time for breakfast try to prepare what is needed the night before or eat something when you go to work.

What to eat?

Now that we have stressed the importance of breakfast food daily balance is time to wonder what to eat. According to the Italian tradition of  yogurt, toast, fresh fruit and jam, are the basic ingredients of the breakfast.

But there is another food that in the last two decades has increasingly taken place on our tables: the brioche.
Unfortunately, it is one of less healthy foods in absolute because of the frequent use of hydrogenated vegetable fats. The low satiating power and high-calorie makes it entirely unsuitable for those who follow a strict diet.

For breakfast try to eat fruits…

Fruit: a good food to eat for breakfast. Provides vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and helps restore carbohydrate reserves. Does not tire the ‘ digestive system and stimulates the body’s detoxification process and during the night is highest.

Fresh Fruit juice: refreshing, rich in antioxidants and minerals is an excellent choice for breakfast. But do not confuse it with the poor sugary sodas and fruit-rich dyes, preservatives, sugar and dairy products. 

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