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Week Eight – New Stats

I’m coming home this Thursday and I’m sooooooo excited. I look forward to going back to my old gym and I look forward to some WARM WEATHER!!!!! I can’t believe that I have been wearing a heavy jacket ever since I arrived. It was so cold that I didn’t bother to go to the park and record my update video blog. Since this is my last week here I’ll touch it out and do it tomorrow.

Here are my stats.

April 15, 2012

Height – 6’2″

All measurements are in inches.

  • Weight – 193 lbs
  • Waist (navel) – 34
  • Waist (below) 36.5
  • Hips 43
  • Right Leg Upper – 25
  • Right Leg Mid – 22
  • Left Leg Upper – 24.5
  • Left Leg  Med – 22.5

April 22, 2012

All measurements are in inches.

  • Weight – 190 lbs
  • Waist (navel) – 34
  • Waist (below) 36
  • Hips 43
  • Right Leg Upper – 25
  • Right Leg Mid – 22
  • Left Leg Upper – 24.5
  • Left Leg  Med –  22.5

Pounds lost since last week – 3lb

  • Inches lost in Waist – .0
  • Inches lost  in waist below – .5
  • inches lost in hips – .0
  • inches lost in right leg upper – 0
  • inches lost in right leg mid – 0
  • inches lost in Left Leg Upper – 0
  • inches lost in Left Leg Mid – 0

So I lost the three pounds I gained last week which wasn’t a big deal. The only part of my body that went down is the lower part of my stomach. All the other parts are staying the same since last week. This is a temporary plateau and everyone goes through it.

Next Sunday I’m going to take pictures of my body again since I’ll be back home. Next Sunday will my last time weighing myself every Sunday. My purpose is to lose fat and gain muscle. Now that I’m below two hundred pounds it’s time to start “cutting” as if I am going to compete in a natural bodybuilding competition.

The above pic was taken when back in 2009 when I was competing in several BBing competitions.

So when May gets here I’ll be taking progress pictures once a month and posting weight and body measurements stats once a month too. I will also start my new youtube channel. As you can see, a lot of exciting things are on the way next month.

Whoo Hoo



6 responses to “Week Eight – New Stats

  1. ewcollins May 17, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    No updates for almost a month! What’s with the picture with no head?

    • docakilah May 18, 2012 at 11:00 am

      Since you know absolutely nothing about building muscles or taking bodybuilding pictures I will excuse your question. The picture with no head is called a “physique pic”. Since my body is the only thing relevant there is no need to include my head or feet. The average coach potato wouldn’t know that. 😉

      The reason there has not been an update is because I brought a new domain name and will start a fitness blog specifically dedicated to my progress and offering fitness, diet and bodybuilding advice. I want my holistic blog and fitness blog to be different.

      Even though I stopped updating my progress on this blog doesn’t mean that I haven’t been documenting my progress. I continue to take pictures along with recording video clips. I just got back in the states two weeks ago and I’ve been very busy so you will have to wait until my schedule calms down before seeing more updates.

      It’s a good thing I saw your post before Bruce saw it. You know he doesn’t like you right? LOL!!!

  2. ewcollins October 11, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    Dr. Akilah – No updates on your training for quite a while. Are you posting them elsewhere? Is everything all right?

    • Bruce Hampton October 11, 2012 at 2:14 pm

      Well look who’s here. And lucky me, you post your message on the day that I’m moderating Doc’s blog. Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

      Yes, Dr Akilah has been keeping up with her progress and updating them to her new blog. She has pictures, videos and lots of helpful tips. I would give you the link but I just remembered that I don’t care too much for you. 🙂

      You gonna have to wait until next week when she gives you the link.

      Have a nice day!


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