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Monsanto – How and Why We Must Take Them Down!

By Dr Akilah El

Monsanto is one of the most dangerous and evil businesses in the world because it is responsible for poisoning people, wildlife, farm animals and the environment at large.

Monsanto is a global bio-engineering company that alters the very building blocks of life. Monsanto is the creator of genetically-engineered crops which produce GMO foods. These crops have genetic material that conquers and kills crops made by “The Most High”. These seeds are mutated and take on a totally different life form. This is why it’s known as “Frankenscience”. Foods containing genetically-modified ingredients (GMO), such as modified maize or soya, is known as “Frankenfood.”

This type of food was forced upon us and we (the consumer) was not given an option. We were not asked do we want GM ingredients in our food but we got them anyway. Big companies like Heinz, for example started using genetically-modified ingredients. For a list of other companies who use GMO ingredients click here!

Roundup ready

There are many problems with these GE crops. There are those that are “Roundup ready,” meaning they contain a gene that makes the plants resistant to the Roundup (glyphosate) herbicide. Unfortunately many weeds are becoming resistant to the weed killers and are now labeled “superweeds”

Despite Monsanto’s assurances that it is safe for wildlife, many studies have shown it is anything but and it is one reason many amphibians are becoming endangered or extinct. It has been shown too that in America where pollen of genetically-modified crops has blown onto nearby Milkweed that Monarch butterfly caterpillars eating this die.

The use of Roundup also kills so many plants that are the food of countless insect species which in turn are the food of birds and other animals. In the UK Roundup is often sprayed on Nettles to kill them but they are the only food source of the Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral and Peacock butterflies.

Monsanto have also engineered crops to have a “suicide” or “terminator gene,” which means that they cannot produce seed for future generations. This means that farmers are compelled to buy more new seed from Monsanto. The old traditional way of harvesting seed from your crops has been destroyed by Monsanto.

In India, not only did these new crops fail but the farmers were too poor to afford the Monsanto prices and thousands have been driven to commit suicide. These farmers were conned and lied to. This is one of many examples of how Monsanto is directly responsible for causing the deaths of people in other countries.

Conservationists and botanists are worried about the possibility of these artificially created pollens crossing with wild species and weakening or destroying other plant types.

Monsanto also brought us the poisonous artificial sweetener originally marketed as Nutrasweet but now more commonly known as aspartame. This stuff is responsible for all types of serious illnesses and yet it is added to an increasing number of food and drink products.

In the past, Monsanto created Agent Orange, a herbicide used in the Vietman war which had a terrible after-effect on many of the soldiers that were exposed to it because it contains dioxin, one of the most dangerous poisons known, which can cause everything from severe birth defects,cancer, neurological disorders and/or death. Monsanto has been successful in blocking any motion towards compensating Vietnam veterans and civilians who were exposed to the company’s Agent Orange.

They have also been responsible for making rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone), which was marketed as POSILAC and has been shown to make cows suffer many illnesses including mastitis, foot problems and reproductive disorders.

Monsanto ultimate goal is take over all food crops and replace the natural ones with their genetically-modified frankenseeds. I believe that this company is planning to kill off as many of us as possible by using food shortage, poisoned foods and water as part of their weapons against humanity, whilst at the same time making sure they have healthy and natural seeds to plant after they have succeeded.  BUT THEY WON’T!!!!!


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