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Ah Germans…………gotta love ’em!

There’s a lot of reasons why I love Germans but one of the reasons is because of their brutal honesty. Earlier this morning I was in the weight lifting section of the gym working on my arms. While lifting the dumbbells an older lady approached me with a concerned look on her face. As soon as I finished my set I placed the dumbbells on the floor and asked “What is wrong?” in German. The woman begin to tell me that I am lifting heavy weights like a man and this is not attractive. She is afraid that if I keep lifting weights that I’ll never get a boyfriend. I told her that I have a boyfriend but things are not good between us at the moment. Then she gets excited and yells “Genau! Genau!” which means “Exactly! Exactly!” Then she told me to give the weights to the men and to join the women in the zumba class. Once stop lifting weights and stick to cardio classes all will be well with me and boyfriend again. She told me to stop lifting weights soon because she can see some muscles under my fat.


She saw some muscles under my fat! Ironically, I was asking myself twenty minutes before if I was making any visible progress. I think I got my answer!

To make her feel better I told the lady that I’ll give it up after this month. There was a little truth in that. After this month I’ll be back in the states so I have to give up lifting weights in Germany…………right?



2 responses to “Ah Germans…………gotta love ’em!

  1. Sara June 6, 2012 at 8:04 am

    ha! cute story. keep it up!

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