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**NOTE** – Now that I have embraced the vegan lifestyle again along with getting back into natural bodybuilding, I decided to blog about my experience every now and then. Please be advised that my blogs entries will not be frequent. I’m too busy to do this everyday. However, I will find the time to note as much as I can during this interesting journey.

 Right now it’s 6:38 AM here in Munich and I’m still suffering from jetlag. It’s not as bad as it use to be so I think it should be over by Tomorrow.

 After gaining 9 pounds since being here I got angry with myself and started to take some serious actions. I arrived here weighing 191 pounds and on Thursday my scale displayed 201 pounds. WTF????? I’ve been here for a freakin week and I gained NINE POUNDS?????

 Sure, I can blame my friends for insisting that I celebrate with them by drinking wine, eating a lot of oily pasta dishes from my favorite authentic Italian restaurants. I could also blame my fiancé for giving me a big box of assorted dark chocolates and leaving tempting treats around the house. Yeah, I could blame them for my weight game but why would I do that? They are not the reason why I gained nine pounds back. I AM THE REASON WHY I GAINED NINE POUNDS BACK.

 I fell off the wagon and now I’m getting back on. I’m angry with myself and when I am angry things start happening. I need to put myself in a situation where I can maintain my discipline. I need to separate myself from temptation and create a game plan. Here is what I’ve come up with so far.



  • Move out of my fiance’s house and live with a friend who is a vegan cyclist
  • Avoid all social events until I am within my normal weight range
  • Avoid and/or lie to my friends here in Germany when it comes to socializing.
  • Write out an exercise routine.
  • Write out a new eating regimen (I will also add herbal regimen to this list)
  • Surround myself with other people with similar goals. Watch fitness videos online and listen to motivational music.


I started my new eating plan this past Thursday and I hit the weights on Friday. I weighed myself this morning and I’m 199 lbs. I recorded this on my camcorder. A lot of people are angry with me right now but that’s ok. I have to teach them how serious I am about reaching my fitness goals. If they can’t support me the way I need them to support me then I will have to eliminate them from my life. It’s time to get selfish…………..again!



Operation Fit Chick is now under way! 


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