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Fasting – The Miracle Cure


Fasting has been called the “miracle cure” because the list of physical conditions improved by fasting is long and varied. Cited most often are allergies, arthritis, digestive disorders of all kinds, skin conditions, cardiovascular disease, and asthma. Because fasting initiates the body’s own healing mechanisms, any ailment may show improvement.

Fasting frees up energy so healing can begin

Fasting is a wonderful antidote for our usual over-indulgences. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying our food, but excess food on a continuous basis does create a burden for the body. When it must handle more than is comfortable and appropriate for it, it will suffer.

Imagine at work how you feel when you’re handed a huge work load–more than you can handle in your 8-10 hour day, more than is comfortable and appropriate for your job title (or salary level). You’re under duress. But you WILL cope. You MUST cope. You must make decisions. You attend to the most important and urgent of matters and set aside those that can wait for another day.

This is what our bodies do when they’re overworked; they tuck things away for another day. Whatever tasks can be postponed will be. And more work is dumped on them at every meal- or snack-time, whether they’re ready or not. This is why fasting is a beautiful gift you give to yourself. A vacation for your weary, overworked, under-appreciated body.

During fasting, we rest our system from the constant onslaught of food stuffs. We usually think of food as giving us energy, so it can be a new way of thinking to understand how the food we eat actually requires energy. Digesting, assimilating and metabolizing–these activities require a great deal of energy. It is estimated that 65% of the body’s energy must be directed to the digestive organs after a heavy meal.

Our bodies free up this energy so that it can be diverted to healing and recuperation. It can detox and repair cells, tissues and organs, eliminating foreign toxins as well as the natural metabolic wastes (which are also toxins) produced even by our healthy cells.

And this is what the body will do during a fast. It will take advantage of that time and energy to do some housecleaning. The overloaded, overworked system, unable to properly handle all the toxins, has been storing any excesses in the tissues where they can be dealt with later. This is one of the great health benefits of fasting in that it offers this opportunity to play “catch up”.

Some (possible) positive aspects:

  • previous injuries begin to heal
  • your skin appears healthier (after the initial [possible] breakout from detoxing—see below)
  • new tissue emerges
  • your mind, memory, and eyesight experience precision and clarity
  • organs rejuvenate and come alive again
  • you sleep more soundly, rest better, and wake up more refreshed
  • you may even find it is a spiritual journey as you discover that there’s a new sense of peace and calm being birthed from deep within you—a place you never even knew existed.

A few (possible) negative aspects:

  • you might feel a little weak
  • your skin might break out (i.e., pimples on your face or body)
  • at times you could feel flu-like symptoms (i.e., achy all over)
  • you may experience headache(s)

Note:  Detoxification is the cause of the (possible) negative side-effects, as your body purges years of accumulated toxins. Toxins are found in some foods, drinks, clothes, bedding, and even the air—toxins are all around us.  As your body expels these toxins, you’ll see and feel changes. Some notice symptoms such as these more than others; some don’t notice them at all. Everyone has a different experience with juice fasting, as we are each different and our bodies react in different ways. If you do notice, realize it’s a natural—and important—part of the process.

Juice Fasting Tips:

A juice fast is a rewarding, beneficial journey.  Make your juice fasting experience a positive one by following these helpful tips.

  • Focus your mind. Doing without food is a very mental and emotional thing to most people. Maybe you don’t feel food is an emotional problem for you, but it might seem different once you are only consuming raw juices—even for a few days.
  • Tune in to your body. Not everyone is used to eating raw fruits and vegetables every day. So, you’ll need to tell your body what’s about to happen. Slowly cut back on processed foods and drinks while increasing your intake of raw foods. Begin eating more salad and raw fruit than you normally would. Let your body know what it’s in for.
  • Why do you want to juice fast. Do you crave a serene experience? Are you fighting a disease? Do you just want to use juice fasting as a starting point for a healthier lifestyle from this point forward? Discover why you’re going to juice fast—and keep your eye on the prize during the worst moments.
  • Start drinking raw juices now. There’s no need to wait to taste all those delicious, living foods. Start juicing raw fruits and veggies before you officially begin your juice fast. Juice fresh, raw orange or grapefruit juice to have with breakfast. Combine tomatoes, celery, carrots, etc., for a healthy lunch replacement, and see what you’ll be enjoying on your fast.

More about Juicing

Learn to take hold of your mental, emotional, and physical health on your juice fasting journey(s). It truly is a beautiful experience, and you’ll soon find that the positive far outweighs the negative.

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