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Too busy to cook?

By Simone Austin

Do you typically arrive home from work feeling too tired to cook? Haven’t shopped, fridge nearly empty? The takeaway shop is looking tempting. Well think again.

Let’s plan ahead a little so there is always a healthy option in the fridge or pantry at home. Write a list before going to the shops so you buy only those foods on the list. Think about some quick meals and which ingredients you will need for them.

To have a well balanced meal, even one that is quick to prepare, you should include:

  • a carbohydrate source for energy, such as pasta, rice, couscous, noodles, potatoes, sweet potato, kumara or bread
  • a protein source, such as lean meat, eggs, legumes or fish
  • vegetables or salad

These should generally be in equal proportions on your plate.

Here are some quick, healthy meals that are easy to prepare from everyday ingredients kept in the fridge and pantry:

  • poached eggs with wholegrain bread, corn on the cob and some canned tomatoes and mushrooms cooked up together
  • baked beans on toast with a side salad
  • homemade pizza using pita bread, with tuna, low-fat cheese, mushrooms and capsicum topping
  • chicken, tomato, olives (jar) and vegetables (frozen or fresh peas and beans) with pasta
  • salmon patties (or tempeh) with a garden salad or vegetables

Try and keep some staples in the pantry, including fruit that you can eat with yoghurt for dessert. Frozen berries blended with almond milk and yoghurt makes a great smoothie snack at any time of day.

Akilah M. El, N.D. is a Naturopathic Doctor and certified Master Herbalist with a private practice in Atlanta Georgia and Berlin Germany. Join Dr Akilah El on Facebook and Twitter

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