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Food Art – Be Creative With Healthy Meals

Unique and unbelievable Food Art!  Check out this collection of food images. Perhaps it will give you some ideas of your own.  Enjoy!

A group of penguins carved from eggplants


Green Apple carved into a human skull


Fish carved from Chinese Cabbage


Frogs carved from green peppers. Black eyed peas are used as eyes.


Screaming momma orange and the crying children (or babies) made out of kumquats


A beautiful lunch made out of white rice (with light blue food coloring), brown rice as the ground, the geese are made out of shiitake mushrooms and the sun is a yellow mini-courgettes. The swamp water is a green sauce with food coloring and the swamp grass consists of string beans.


Grapefruit and his friend Potato who dropped his ice cream made out of carrots and cauliflower


Watermelon Woman with big earrings made out of orange slices


Windows XP computer made out of sushi and the mouse is a boiled egg


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One response to “Food Art – Be Creative With Healthy Meals

  1. mike March 10, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    You wrote some good parts here. I searched for the topic and found plenty of people who agree with you.

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