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I’m ending our facebook supplement giveaway contest

Due to a lack of interest online I decided to end our supplement giveaway contest for our new facebook page. I’m really surprised that no one was interested in receiving free nutritional supplements. Today at the wellness center I gave each of my clients along with Maria’s customers a free bottle of any supplement of their choice and they were overjoyed with the gesture. Especially those who picked the Co-Q10, which was one of the most expensive supplements in the box, it’s priced at $44.95 a bottle. Co-Q10 is one of the miracle supplements that lowers cholesterol, eliminates diabetes, preventing heart disease and helps reverse Alzheimer’s. It’s also good for reducing cancer. We were offering these bottles FREE in our first online giveaway contest and no one was interested. I’m really shocked at this.  We all have at least one family member who has either diabetes, high cholesterol, Alzheimer’s or some form of heart disease who could benefit from Co-Q10. So since no one online is interested I decided to give them all out to our in-person cilents. Based upon the grateful response so far, this was the better choice.

From now on when we have herbs, nutritional supplements, CD’s,  Oils, natural cosmetics, etc I will only offer these product to the members of our newletter, clients, customers and their guest. Lesson Learned.

Your servant in health,

Dr Akilah El

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