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Winter Time Depression. The Cause and Cures

Winter time depression is associated with tiredness, bouts of blues
and depression during the winter. In some cases, it reaches extreme
as relationships and work suffer. It is described as a depressive
episode when depression and sadness are experienced during the
winter time. It is associated with the sense of loss and lethargy
that accompany the short days.

Winter time depression has been associated with melatonin, a hormone
that is usually released when darkness falls, that puts one to
sleep. According to studies, as the day lengthens the secretion of
melatonin increases and causes depression. It is also known as
seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Usually the symptoms are noticed in the fall, at the beginning of
winter and start to diminish in spring.


The typical symptoms of winter time depression include;
• Depression
• Lack of energy
• Increased need for sleep
• A craving for sweets
• Weight gain
• Increase in appetite
• Body aches


Winter time depression has been attributed to inadequate bright
light during the short days of winter. According to studies, bright
light brings a change in the brain, as well as serotonin is also
associated with winter time depression.


• Some people with mild cases of winter time depression are
not given any specific treatment; however, people with severe
depression are given stabilizer such as Lithium is administered.

• Regular exposure to light is also noted for lifting
depression. Light treatment is used daily in morning and evening for
best result. Change to a lighter and brighter location may also
prove good.

Massage.  A good invigorating massage or an aromatherapy massage can stimulate the lymphatic system, clearing the body of toxins.  Reflexology, either hand or foot  is also beneficial.   The site for the   pituitary, the “king” of the hormone producing glands, is found in the “middle back”  of the toes,  and in the hands in the middle of the upper fleshy  part of the thumb. .

• Phototherapy is also used in form of light box, used for an
hour daily. Light of sufficient brightness is used, 25 times
brighter than normal light. Any light of sufficient brightness will

• Psychotherapy can also help the depressed person to sort out
his emotions and feelings and identify the problems he is facing. It
can also help solve the interpersonal problems and avoid further
problems. It’s been proved that cognitive therapy helps in relieving
depression as no other treatment.

• Aromatherapy spa treatments have been shown to work wonders on the mood shifts that can greatly alter your happiness.

• Attending yoga and fun fitness classes can get you out of the home and away from the grind and monotony of your daily routine. Sometimes a change of pace is all that you need.

• Natural supplements such as Saint Johns Wort, Sceletium tortuosum, Hyperforin, 5HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), Ginkgo Biloba and suntheathine have been shown to promote happiness, concentration and relaxation, and some of these supplements have been documented as proving beneficial in relieving the symptoms of seasonal depression.   

Winter time depression is a phenomena that is experienced most of
the time to people who live in colder countries or people who work
in offices all day long. Light is the most important factor in this
disorder. Frequent light along with psychotherapy can help
individual over come this problem.

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  1. Peter February 20, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    Hopefully the winter depression should leave soon now that we have one more week left in February.

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