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10 Common Diet Pitfalls

The following are mistakes many dieters make:

1. Impatience And Unrealistic Expectations
Weight loss will not be instantaneous, nor will it easy or without
sacrifices along the way. Gear yourself up for slow, steady weight
loss, the only clinically proven way to Lose Weight permanently.

2. The Wrong Game Plan
Clinical studies show that calorie restriction—not the carbohydrate
or fat composition of the food—is the only consistent factor in
successful weight loss. If you don’t restrict calories, your diet
won’t work.

3. Changing Your Eating Habits.
Radical changes in what you eat will only result in your feeling
deprived and burdened. Instead, make small but consistent changes in your overeating habits. You will achieve weight loss without hunger.

4. Depending On Willpower
This will set you up for failure. Instead, view weight loss in a
positive light: as a set of skills to be mastered.

5. Eating Less Food And Fewer Meals
Eating more frequently, and consuming high-fiber, less calorie-dense
foods in larger quantities, will yield better results. Start by
having a healthy salad before lunch and dinner. Always have a mid-
morning and mid-afternoon snack, such as a handful of high-fiber
almonds or an apple.

6. Turning Food Into Your Enemy
Food is your friend: it will help you Lose Weight. Get rid of
negative and self-sabotaging thoughts using cognitive restructuring.
An example: After overeating, encourage yourself to get back on

7. Trying To Stay Away From Your Pantry And Fridge
Instead, modify your home environment. Shop wisely: If you don’t buy
it, you won’t try it.

8. Trying Not To Think About Food
You will have great success if you do think about your meals. In
fact, try to plan all of your meals the day before. Especially
important are lunch at work, and the late-afternoon and evening

9. Viewing Exercise As A Chore
View exercise as you do your checkbook. It will tip your daily net
calorie balance to weight loss. Calories burned will either
contribute to weight loss or let you to eat more daily calories or
enjoy a splurge.

10. Making Dramatic Changes
Studies show that working on making small, daily changes results in
long-term, lasting behavioral shifts versus making huge or dramatic
changes in lifestyle or diet, which are most often unsustainable.

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